10 Important Tips To Save BIG On Daily Deal Websites

If you are not taking advantage of daily deal sites YOU ARE CRAZY! Sign up to one (or several) right now to get local daily deals delivered to your inbox.

I know you know about Groupon and those zillion other daily deals websites out there; but, do you know why they’re great for you and your family?

Do you frequent these daily deal websites or have an App on your smart phone that keeps you alert to when the latest deals are out?

Or… are you wary of these sites because you don’t know if they’re a fit for your frugal family? Don’t trust them or have had some bad experiences? Then, let me give you a few frugal tips on how to have the best daily deals sites experience!

10 Daily Deal Tips for a Better Daily Deals Experience

1. There’s a different deal each and every day.

Quick and easy frugal gifts (do you have a niece you need to buy for but you just don’t know how to shop for the little ones? Buy $10 tickets to the local zoo…if that’s the deal for the day).
2. Once you’ve signed up your information is already in the system.

If you have an account you will receive a daily email; if you’re thinking that’s too much junk mail then use your smart phones app for that site to check the status of the deals (that way your email isn’t overloaded).
3. The deals range from 24 to 72 hours so that gives you plenty of time to scout the venue and see if it’s worthy of your budget (there are some sites that offer a longer purchase time).

I’ve been wanting to get into cross-fit training but didn’t want to waste the money on a membership I knew nothing about…Living Social.com offered a cross-fit voucher and I was able to purchase the voucher at a great cost of unlimited workouts for a month (the plus side of this deal is that I was able to visit the website as well as the gym to see if it were a great fit for me).
4. You have a chance to get rewards!

refer a friend on Groupon.com and get a $10 referral fee off your next purchase or visit businesses in your local area and rack up a few points there to use on your next purchased voucher.
Each of these best daily deals sites has its own incentives.

5. KGBdeals.com offers frugal fashions for less.

trendy jewelry, weight loss supplements, art classes and more.
so do all the rest of the frugal living websites but some sites target clothing, accessories, skydiving, tablet deals, etc more than others…you have to choose the best daily deals sites that suit your needs best.

6. You don’t always have to pay for the voucher up front. scoutmob.com is the only daily deals site that I have come across that you don’t have to pay up front for your deal (check for your region though, they only seem to be in very major cities).

7. Use your smart phone to check for deals on the go or while at work…it’s very convenient (this rule pertains to a great deal of the websites that are out there).

Travelzoo.com only has an app for the Apple devices; but if you’re planning a get away it’s a great site for your frugal travel excursions. And if you’re a frequent frugal traveler there are bargain sites/apps like Get Packed, Flight Board and Touch Hotel that do everything but book your plans for you (each certainly keeps your organized).

8. Websites like dealgator.com and yippit.com are available for to view all of the major deal sites in one, so you don’t have to receive 101 emails from each of your favorite frugal living websites sites.

9. Couprecoup.com is a site to buy or re-sell vouchers that have already been purchased so that you are able to recoup some of your frugal cash. Just think of yourself as a frugal entrepreneur making money off of your junk drawer.

There are similar sites out there but in doing my research it seems that a few of the websites have gone out of business.

10. Endless opportunities for rejuvenation services…make sure to call for appointments; you don’t want to waste your time or money because they are booked solid.

Here are a Few Cons

Hey, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t scout the good and the bad!

1. There are so many daily deals sites that it could be overwhelming.

2. No control over your frugal budgeting … just about everything is a good deal.

3. Expiring vouchers!

Use your daily planner to write them down or your smart phone to keep up with the dates, otherwise…It’s money down the drain!
smart phone apps like Evernote or Catch on Android and Iphone help keep me organized; but there are tons of frugal freebies offered if you have a smart phone for organization.

4. Some vouchers are not released as quickly as you have purchased them.

You may have to wait a day or so for the voucher to be emailed to you.

5. You have to read the fine print.

If you don’t the establishment doesn’t have to honor your voucher.

Here are a few best daily deals sites I’ve scouted (some through family and friends) that work similar to the latter mentioned (I have not purchased anything from these sites, as of yet)

Need another reason to visit any of these best daily deals sites? The discounted deals give 25-75% off! If that’s not enough to woo you, well then I will just have to keep scouting!

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